Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Austin Skyline" - SOLD

Latest update: This painting just won Best in Show at the 2012 Image Exhibit! I was beyond thrilled. Then the day before the exhibit opened it sold. I'm a happy camper!!!

After my previous intense workshop week with Judy Greenberg I came away and painted this one. It utilizes several "techniques" Judy taught us during our workshop. I got a brief start on it during her class but it took another 2 weeks to complete it at home. There are probably 30+ layers of watercolor on this painting. Each one must dry before adding the next. Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Backyard Sunset" - SOLD

Thank you Tom for your recent purchase of 4 paintings!!! I am honored that you are now enjoying them in your home. Thanks for all the great comments and continued support.

The above is an acrylic painting I had fun painting representing my back yard. I spend a fair amount of time on my studio deck and look out at the trees and creek while contemplating my paintings. One day after sitting out there I just went inside and painted this mental impression.