Monday, October 25, 2010

"Floral Fantasy"

This is a half sheet watercolor. I am playing with washes and
transparencies. I call it "Fantasy Flowers" because I took a
photo of silk flowers on my front porch. From that photo
I did my creative tweaking and came up with this painting.
With the deer problem in this neighborhood, I'm unable to
plant the real thing; only make believe.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Pulito" - Best of Show

This is my painting that just won Best of Show at the Waterloo Watercolor
Group Fall juried show. Our juror was water colorist and author, Elizabeth Kincaid.
I was stunned when I found out and am still floating a bit. Winning provided my
first cash prize ever! Whoopee - now I can reimburse myself for all my art supplies.
"Pulito" is Italian for "clean" - it's my abstraction of laundry we saw hanging outside
a home in a small Italian town during our last European adventure. The entire show
is now on exhibit at the NWH Gallery. The address and directions are written in red
to the right of my blog.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Going to the Oasis - Plein Air Study

Our painting group met yesterday morning at the Oasis. I did this pastel study of the entrance. If you haven't been to the Oasis lately, you won't recognize it. It's undergoing massive construction. They have already completed a 4 story parking garage and are in the process of building a very large hotel and additional shops. The one consistent thing - great views and mediocre food. This is the 2nd pastel plein air I've recently done. I like working with pastels because it lightens my load. Much less to carry and very light weight. I like easy!! 9x12

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Round Rock Library - Plein Air Study

Several people asked me to show the painting I was working on in the previous post. This is my pastel study of the library entrance. It wasn't a particularly easy painting to do. Besides straddling that rock wall for several hours, I was sitting so close to my subject it was difficult to scale down my drawing. It ended up being 12x9.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 Chalk Walk & Plein Air Paint Out

This is yours truly painting the front of the library. After
straddling this rock wall all day, I could barely stand up and
walk when I finished.

These are my dear friends Beryl and Glenda. (Beryl on
the left) Our plein air group had an exhibit this past
weekend at ArtSpace. Beryl managed to paint 2 local scenes,
watch the chalk artists and still attend another art reception.
She's super woman! Glenda is such a great supporter. She
always manages to show up at my art events & I appreciate
her support so much.

This is a photo of another one of my artist buddies; Zanne.
She spent 2 whole days on her hands and knees producing
this beautiful artwork. I think she's probably still in bed nursing
her aching body after completing such a difficult feat.
She's a true artist an so much fun to be around.