Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Point'n Fish" - SOLD

Available - This painting was done from a photo of a recent fishing trip in South Texas. Rudy the dog not only hunts birds, he points fish too!


Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Rae4art 6/1/08:

This one is different, I like it.. a lot!!

Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Sandra R 6/3/08:

That is good Vicki. I am going to forward to Blake.

Rebecca Osborne said...

Vicki - nice job with this figure!

Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Terri W. sent 7/25/08:

Hi Vicki
I looked at your blog for the first time. I see you using all kinds of mediums, but of course, I'm drawn to your watercolors. I've never really seen much of them before. I especially like your "Point n Fish", great composition and technique.