Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"French Country Home"

This is the first pastel painting I ever did. Don't know why I forgot to post it before, but thought I'd still share it. I'm leaving for Italy in 2 weeks and I guess my head is actively recalling the memories from last years' France trip. This is a little stone house we passed quite often and I wanted to go inside so bad. I wondered if it was as lovely inside as outside. I loved the ivy growing on the walls and the wonderful view they had of the river down below and hills in the distance. If I could have a little French villa, this would be the one!

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Vicki Brevell said...

From Glenda M. email sent 9/10/08:

Well, I've been a little behind in checking my e-mails, and I just got around to opening them. Love this picture. Very nice. Very inviting, isn't it. I know you are excited about your trip and I'm excited for you, too. I hope it is great as last year. Glenda