Sunday, October 4, 2009

Villa View

This is a piece of the view off the front porch of our Italian villa. This is the scene we woke up to every morning. Later I will post some of the spectacular sunsets we watched every night looking out in this same direction.

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Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Carol E. sent 10/4/09:

where was the villa in Tuscany and how were the accomodations?

The villa was located half way between Castillina in Chianti and Castillina Scallo. It’s a private residence and my friend makes all the reservations, as she knows the owners. Each year she takes no more than 6 painters and we all go for two glorious weeks. This year we extended the trip to three weeks. We take many side trips and paint along the way. This is the second time I’ve visited this location. Three years ago, it was a place in Provence. The accommodations are wonderful . . expensive, but wonderful!
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