Friday, December 31, 2010

"Pastel Poppies"

Happy New Year!! I hope the new year brings you all
much happiness and joy. I've had a great year and look forward
to many more paintings and shows in 2011. Painting keeps me
happy and I love sharing it with you. All the best!!!


Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Dan sent 1/1/10:

This will always be close. Fedora....

Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Paul sent 1/1/10:

Beautiful. Happy New year to you! Thank you for sharing

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Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Bobbie sent 1/2/10:

I love that you share your work with us. I always smile when I see that there's a new painting to open!!
Happy New Year.......hope to see you at Book Club. B

Vicki Brevell said...

Hi Vicki,
Kris Whitfield commented on your post.
Kris wrote: "Very beautiful!!"