Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Water Lily Reflections"

This is another full sheet watercolor. Guess I've been in a bigger mood lately. I've painted this same water lily (from my backyard pond) 3 times now. First in oil, then acrylic and now in watercolor. I took a fun approach to this painting as learned thru my artist friend extraordinaire Rae Andrews, and just played with the background first. I then painted both positive and negative until the image of my lily appeared. My image looks a bit faded here but in "real life" it's more colorful.


Susan Abston Wiley said...

I love the translucence of the flower, it's lovely! I see Vie's technique here, beautifully done. Nice job, Vic!

Rae Andrews, Contemporary Texas Artist in all media said...

Well I am not sure about Vie's technique Vic :) but you sure did well with my techniques, I was happy to see this unfold.
Good job!

Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Dan sent 4/26/11:

I think you are just on a roll. This is so light in color. How do you paint such beautiful, moving pieces of art with less color? They have so much in them, I just feel them, that's the communication I'm getting, feelings.


Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Carol sent 4/26/11:


Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Nancy sent 4/26/11:

Oh that is so pretty!!!

Nancy Vandenberg

Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Jane sent 6/20/11:

I keep coming back to this one—it is beautiful. Like colors shining through crystal.