Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kasbah Woman/Morocco - Watercolor Sketch

Another brief interruption.  I went to our new lake house over the Memorial Day weekend, so now I'm back to posting the Spain watercolor sketches.  One of the great side trips I made on this trip was to Morocco to visit the Kasbah.  What an experience that was.  All the women with their head coverings and not many who wanted photos taken of their faces.  In almost all photos I have the women have turned their heads or bowed their heads to shield their faces.  This sketch was of a typical scene along the narrow alleyways in the Kasbah where people sold fresh baked goods.  Someone reached out from a doorway while our group was walking by and handed us a hot loaf of this bread and we all tore it apart and shared it.  It was wonderful.  On this particular day we went to an authentic Moroccan restaurant for lunch and were entertained by a belly dancer and musicians.  There were so many wonderful things for sale in the market place, but we didn't have much time to shop that day.  There was so much ground to cover going thru the streets, plus lunch and a special rug tour. Tomorrow I will post a couple of photos from that special lunch.

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