Friday, June 19, 2009

"Chat Gourmand"

This is a restaurant sign painting. I saw this place in Aix in Provence France 2 years ago and decided right then I would paint it. You can see how long my painting queue has become. It's a little restaurant on a side street and there was a metal painted cat hanging by the entrance door. I thought he looked like a French Cat. We didn't stop to eat there - wonder what the food was like.


Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Sue sent 6/19/09:

I'd WONDERED what you were up to with these; I love the final "piece," Vic! Great job! Oh, and I like the Chat Gourmand, aussi: tres charmant! :-)

Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Nancy sent 6/20/09:

It is beautiful!!! Catching the beauty of the world on canvas!

Nancy Vandenberg

Vicki Brevell said...

Email from Pat sent 6/20/09:

"Johnny will be trying to hire you, Vic!
I love the cat!"

Vicki Brevell said...

Email from BNS sent 6/21/09:

I bet the food there was purrrrrrrrrr-fectly wonderful!